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Sometimes I create art or interactive tech.

Fake Dog for Home Security
Fake dog barking for home security while on vacation.

Garage Door Opener Hack
Hacking my garage door opener to work over Wifi.

Theatre Acoustic Panels
Panels for acoustic treatment in my home theatre.

Wine Crate Coffee Table
A coffee table made out of wooden wine creates.

LED Dress
A dress made out of LEDs that twinkle like stars.

Remote Control Light Switch
A device to toggle my lights remotely.

Automatic Plant Waterer
A device that automatically waters plants.

Solar Car
About my time volunteering with the University of Calgary Solar Car Team, where I designed a maximum power point tracker.

Man's Reach Exceeds His Grasp
My first attempt at painting with acrylic.

Hand of Ozymandias
A withered hand I welded out of scrap metal.