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Grow Log, Home: Round 2

Grow log for my home hydroponics setup, round 2.

Fri 29 July 2022

2022-03-05: Started germinating
2022-03-07: Just barely noticed germination
2022-03-08: Noticed all leaves except spinach again
2022-03-10: Transplanted into tote
2022-03-12: measured pH: 6.0
2022-03-20: thinned out weak plants
2022-03-25: lettuces have no roots below net pot. others have lots of roots in the water. some leaves have a weird film on them, some have white stuff.
2022-03-28: Three lettuces wool dry on top. No roots below net cup. Roots are growing a bit out the sides. Dropped wool to bottom of net cups, topped water up to 1 cm above bottom of net cup. This might harm the other plants? The lettuce roots grew through a lot of the clay balls but not enough to reach the water.
- I assumed the clay balls would wick up enough water that it wouldn't matter.
2022-03-30: EC measured 1.1. trimmed oldest leaves, lettuce roots now good in water
2022-04-01: pH measured 6.7. brown tips on lettuce.
2022-04-06: Harvested first salad, arugula and cress taste horrible like paint thinner. Lettuce was good.
2022-04-14: Terminated.



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