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Grow Log, Home: Round 1

Grow log for my home hydroponics setup, round 1.

Fri 29 July 2022

2022-02-21: Started germinating
2022-02-24: First noticed sprouts
2022-02-26: All sprouts are through except spinach
2022-02-27: Put grow light on top of dome set to minimum
2022-03-02: Checked inside. cress's roots have reached the tray below. accidentally squished front lettuces while trying to put it back. sprayed more nutrient solution on mineral wool. probably could have transplanted already. turned light off before bed, opened blinds.
2022-03-03: Plants look very sad. connor suggested more light. put light on max and went for coffee. light ended up cooking the plants.
2022-03-04: Plants look worse. Terminated.



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