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Japan Photography

Photos from my trip to Japan.

Thu 19 October 2023

All photos are unmodified (not even cropped) and taken with a Pixel 6a.

Click each photo for the full resolution.

Former Yasuda Garden, Tokyo:

a bridge crosses over greenish water with vibrant trees in the background

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Tokyo:

a tree trunk splits into a Y with ivy growing on one side

Downtown Shinjuku, Tokyo:

clean skyscrapers. the centre one resembles a game console.

Shinjuku Golden Gai, Tokyo:

a street wet from rain with bars on both sides. bar signs light up the pavement.

Bamboo Forest, Kyoto:

tall bamboo trees with leaves at the very top, letting some light in

Giōji Temple, Kyoto:

four trees with dark bark stand out against a vibrant green moss background

Gohodo Benzaiten, Kyoto:

a shrine is surrounded by trees, like they are consuming it in foliage

Train to Hofu, Yamaguchi:

train tracks taken out the front window of a train. power lines on each side.

Ozu Island military tunnel, Yamaguchi:

an ocean bay photo from inside a tunnel

Ozu Island from the ferry:

contrasting mountains in the background and a boat's wake in the foreground

Gifu countryside:

two hills covered in trees are reflected in the still water at the bottom

Ueno, Tokyo:

a restaurant under a train track. several people fill the adjacent street.

All photos are released into the public domain / CC0 licensed.